Bane 16 oz Drinking Glass

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16 oz drinking glass featuring the symbol of Bane, one of the Dark Gods. The ultimate tyrant and a thoroughly evil and malicious being who revels in hatred and strife and is worshiped by those who in turn enjoy such wickedness. Bane is the evil and malicious greater deity of fear, hatred and tyranny. His ultimate goal is to eventually control the world. An evil faerunian deity, and a common enemy used to thwart D&D players.

Two-in-one: these mixing glasses are both shakers and serving glasses. Made from 100% glass, they’re crystal clear and look sleek. The solid-glass base also minimizes the risk of tipping and spilling the drink. They’re more narrow at the bottom for a more comfortable grip and easier carrying.

One size: 16oz (0.473 l)
Material: 100% clear glass
Heavy solid glass base minimizes spilling
Durable construction

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