Evil Deities 16 oz Drinking Glass Set


A set of 6 drinking glass, each featuring the symbol of a different evil god, including:

• Asmodeus (the Prince of Hell)
• Bane (The Black Hand)
• Bhaal (Lord of Murder)
• Myrkul (Lord of Bones)
• Tiamat (Queen of Evil Dragons)
• Vecna (The Whispered One)

These 16 oz glasses are made from 100% crystal clear glass. The solid-glass base also minimizes the risk of tipping and spilling the drink. They’re more narrow at the bottom for a more comfortable grip and easier carrying. A great set of glasses to share with your friends, or have at your next D&D game!

• 6 individual glasses, each glass is 16oz (0.473 l)
• Material: 100% clear glass
• Heavy, solid glass base minimizes spilling
 Durable construction

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