Hextor DnD Fist Arrows T-shirt


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A shirt with the symbol of Hextor, the god of tyranny and brutal warfare. He is the patron of despots that rule through strength of arms. In a lesser role, Hextor is also the patron of fitness and exercise. He is the brother and sworn enemy of Heironeous, god of valor.

Hextor seeks to conquer or destroy all that oppose him. He tells his followers that the world is a dark and bloody place where the strong rule the weak, and power is the only reward worth anything. The cruel and unrelenting pursuit of one’s goals pleases Hexor, and he believes that order and law must be forged out of chaos and anarchy through iron-fisted tyranny. A favorite dungeons & dragons deity, especially popular with villains and evil paladins.

 Classic fit
 100% Cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors)
 Light fabric
 Tear away label
Runs true to size

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