Tiamat DnD Spiral Notebook


Spiral notebook with the symbol of Tiamat, the queen and mother of evil dragons. A D&D deity residing in the Abyss. She appears as a 5-headed dragon, as shown in her symbol. She is entirely focused on the acquisition of personal power and wealth and views mortals as hapless pawns in her struggles with other deities.

Great for taking notes on your D&D campaign, write a detailed character background, or just doodle some pictures while your DM goes through a lengthy monologue. This 118 page spiral notebook with ruled line paper is a perfect companion for your next adventure. The durable printed cover makes the owner proud to carry it everywhere.

118 ruled line single pages
Front cover print
Black back cover
Approximate dimensions: Width: 6in; Height: 8in; Thickness: 0.6in

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