Ehlonna DnD Unicorn T-Shirt


T-shirt with the symbol of Ehlonna – a rampant unicorn. Also known as Ehlonna of the Forests, Goddess of the Woodlands. Ehlonna is an ancient deity of unknown origin, who is concerned with all aspects of life in the woodlands, which includes the protection of humans and half-humans of good alignment, and more specifically of elves and half elves. She is the patron saint of all those who make their living from the forest while ensuring respect for the flora and fauna it shelters. She teaches her followers to live in harmony with their woodland homes, taking only what they need. The bounty of the forest, Ehlonna teaches, is a gift to be cherished and appreciated, not a treasure to be coveted or looted. A favorite deity among rangers and druids.

Classic fit
100% Cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors)
Light fabric
Tear away label
Runs true to size

Color Note: “Irish Green” is the bright green. “Forest Green” is the dark green. Both the irish green and forest green shirts have a brown circle with a white unicorn. All other colors have a green circle with a white unicorn.

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