Malar DnD Beastlord T-Shirt

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The symbol of Malar – an upright bestial claw hand with brown fur. Malar, the Beastlord, is the faerunian (D&D) lesser deity of the hunt, evil lycanthropes, bestial savagery and bloodlust. He is a primordial, savage deity who revels in the hunt and the blood of the kill. Malar delights in instilling fear in his victims, for he can literally smell and taste the essences of their terror. The Beastlord is known by many names in many lands, including the Stalker, the Render, the Blue Bear among the Uthgardt, and Herne among the orcs of the High Forest.

Classic fit
100% Cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors)
Light fabric
Tear away label
Runs true to size

Color Note: “Charcoal” is the DARKER gray. “Sport Gray” is the LIGHTER gray.

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